Coach Myga

Most of you will be here for one singular reason. Because you are tired of playing League & not getting the results you desire. I am here to help solve this problem and help YOU reach your goals!

About me!

  • I've been a league player since Season 5 & reached Masters in Season 7. Since then, I have been Masters+ every season & hit Masters+ 100's of times due to boosting. Since Season 8, I have been boosting & coaching players, but I have moved onto coaching full-time now. I think my time boosting & also being a high ELO player for multiple years set me up well to understand the pitfalls the average league player will face & to have the knowledge to guide you to your ranked goals in the most efficient way possible!

  • I have coached 100's of players before you reach the goals they never thought they could possibly reach. From small goals like Gold all the way to Challenger or even entering amateur scene, I have seen all of these problems before & have a track record helping players achieve them!

  • Multiple years of coaching experience! I am not a marketer, a YouTuber, or an influencer. I am a coach. I've now been coaching for 5 years as a full-time job helping players achieve their SoloQ-ranked dreams in the fastest way possible, saving you time, increasing your results, & saving your mental health!

Are You Finally Ready To Climb?

1:1 Coaching Sessions!

I will jump into a call with you at the chosen time, and we will go through some of your games and figure out which issues you need to fix to get the fastest and most efficient improvement!